• Jimmy Negus

Cosmic Rebirth

My body drifts through the deepest pockets of space Eyes gaze out ahead as I meander through the cold darkness

The reduced gravity is one less binding force The radiant light from the distant stellar eruption peers into the peripheral Emitting beams of photons that intensely penetrate cosmic dust Neon hues of vibrant light stimulate the senses

Remote in this celestial sphere, the source of this luminous spectacle is resolved - a supernova

A massive star violently contracts and expands, preluding the ejection of the outer shell Expelled matter counters the binding fundamental forces The bow shock of the remnant radiates throughout the intricate interstellar medium A spiral galaxy emerges Within the galactic heart, active jets emanate from the supermassive black hole Gamma rays are fiercely ejected from the source, stripping form Gluons and quarks are detached as my constituent particles drift They interact with the turbulent atmosphere of a gas giant in close proximity Flowing towards the gravitational well of an energetic quasar on the cosmic horizon Dark matter and energy reveal themselves within galactic filaments Drifting past dense neutron stars and fading red dwarfs

The electromagnetic spectrum becomes transparent Atoms meander aimlessly before coalescing within a bright nebula As form develops the matter settles onto a planet

A new journey begins


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Jimmy Negus

Ph.D. Graduate Student - Astrophysics

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