• Jimmy Negus

Organic Ornament

Wet concrete crawls through narrow channels, spilling out of every orifice in the metal piping.

Steel lining entraps the dense liquid as it oozes into square grids.

Massive wooden sheets along the perimeter extend towards the sky,

Stretching towards the energetic sun.

A small patch of vegetation is partially submerged along the edge of the sludge.

Out of sight, only the flowers breathe above the surface, speckled in coarse grey.

The vibrant hues of the tips dull.

Mechanical gears of the crane CLANK.

Diesel engines of dump trucks ROAR, reversing with sonorous BEEPS.

The roots slowly meander underneath the hardening foundation for oxygen,

Desperately pumping final reserves of nutrients and fluids towards the solidifying surface.

The sun wanes and rises behind the tin roof.

A frozen eternity passes.

Chatter fills the box.

Artificial light pours into the chamber.

Forest green is haphazardly splattered on the edges of the canvas.

Dressed in nature, the flowers suffocate beneath the stiffening chemicals.


 University of Colorado Boulder

  Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences   2000 Colorado Ave, Boulder, CO 80309

Duane Physics Building, Rm. E226

Jimmy Negus

Ph.D. Graduate Student - Astrophysics

© 2020 by James Negus